Life is full of new things coming and having to walk into that, and in my experience, my life has been full of that. I mean, I moved away across the country when I was 18. It was scary but that’s what the good stuff comes from. The best stuff comes from those times when you challenge yourself and step out of your comfort zone, and you walk into somebody else; you walk into the person that you’re gonna be. If you just stay in one place for the rest of your life, that’s where you’re gonna be.

She obviously made another music video that’s in colour and features her friends in it.

I’m assuming it’s for Running With The Boys, but who knows really.

What do you think Portal is about? - Anonymous

The thing about Portal is it has multiple meanings to different humans. I think Lights intended to create lyrics that cause different emotions to each person.

Obviously, it has one meaning to her, and maybe she will tell us one day, but for now she is keeping the true meaning sacred to herself. She is allowing the audience to interpret the lyrics for themselves. It can mean anything really. It depends on the person you ask. One might tell you it’s about a past love, another might say it’s about an adventure into true love – I mean who knows!

What I’m trying to say it’s the type of lyrics that can mean anything, and I think she intended that. The song is beautiful. Not only lyrics wise, but the melody and calming beat – everything about it is pure nostalgia in my opinion.

I woke up an hour ago, and for a moment I forgot that Lights was releasing her music video for Portal today.

I just watched it, and I can honestly say it’s one of the most beautiful and calming things I have ever seen. The shots are gorgeous and ever so peaceful, it matches the song perfectly.

This past week I have been going through a lot of personal stuff, a lot of nights spent crying myself to sleep. Portal just hit me like a ton of bricks, it’s one of those songs I can see myself listening to at night whilst I lay on grass and look up at the night sky.

I might have burst into tears as well whilst I was watching the video, ooopps.