A lot of people in the community are wondering what Lights is counting down to. And by a lot of people I mean everyone.

It’s obviously something involving her music from her new album that is to be released sometime this year.

In each photo she uploads there is also a symbol. The symbol is always a circle and looks the exact same in every photo.

In my honest opinion I believe the symbol might be the artwork for her new album CD. I doubt it’s her album artwork, it looks way too simple. She also uploaded a photo with herself and photographer Matt Barnes and said, Serious greatness goes down when shooting with this guy. Album photos with the legend.”

Now the big question is what is she counting down to. I believe it most likely is a single release for her song 'Running With The Boys'. She recently did a video shoot for the song, so she might also release the video along with the single.

I doubt she will do an album drop. As much as I would love for her to do it and it seems like something Lights would do, the fact is she isn’t popular enough for that to be a successful thing. It sucks, but that’s just the way it is.

So there’s my opinion on the countdown and symbol situation.

Why did you name your album ‘Siberia’?:

It’s based on something that was said to me, that we could be happy even in a place like Siberia. It was such an inspiring thing to say, because Siberia is cold and a little daunting and represents unfamiliar territory.

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