Oh dudes, I forgot to tell you something.

Yesterday my mother made an impulsive decision and we bought a darling little puppy. She is such a sweetheart and is super-duper adorable. We decided to name her Lux, and yes that is after the character from The Virgin Suicides bc she is fab.

She is a rottweiler crossed with ridgeback, and she is only six weeks old. We felt uncomfortable with the fact she is only still that young, because you are meant to give animals at eight weeks or older. But the owners wanted to get rid of her and her brother, so we decided to take her anyway.

She really is a darling and her personality is so unique. Our cats reaction were quite funny, all three of them reacted pretty much the same. At first they were like wtf is that, but then they just ignored her and pretend she didn’t even exist.

Don’t worry, she is settling in great and we have been raising animals for our entire life. I’ve helped wild animals heal, trained wild animals and have help animals give birth. I was brought up around all types of animals, so she is in a loving and welcoming home.

I like  y e t i s .

Meet the Bokans.

Another thing involving the countdown and which single we will be releasing first – it might actually be 'Up We Go'.

I originally believed it would be that song, and hoped. However, I read something involving 'Running With The Boys' and I assumed her first single would be that song.

Then I saw her most reason countdown photo, for two days, and I noticed the symbol on a Beauty and the Beast book. We all know Lights is a sucker for dropping hints her images, so this may be a hint that she will be releasing her first single and it will be for 'Up We Go'.

Because, if you didn’t know already, that song was featured on the TV show Beauty and The Beast, which is a modern re-make of the classic tale.

22. 07. 14